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A neat, clean house that is in need of few or no repairs will sell faster, and at a higher price, than one that is showing wear, tear and age. A mini-makeover or staging before it is put on the market for potential buyers to see may be in order. As your agent, I can do a walk-through with you to make sure nothing has been overlooked. Here is a basic list of tips that will help you make your house ready. Some items will be the ones that are important for the home inspection and may need to be done as part of the transaction. I will be happy to discuss any and all of these with you to help in making the most well-informed decision possible.

Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Exterior Cleaning and Repair Checklist


Remove peeling and chipped paint; replace with fresh coat.

Clear and repair all gutters and downspouts.

Make sure all exterior lighting is in working order.

Remove moss from roof; repair and/or replace any loose or missing shingles.

Trim any tree branches that are touching or overhanging on house and roof.

Remove any soil from any wood surface of house.



Repair or replace any loose boards, steps and railings.

Stain or paint worn areas of wood.

Clean any and all areas.

Remove any grass, weeds or debris.



Mow and trim grass; weed, re-seed and fertilize.

Trim all overgrown shrubs, trees, rose bushes and other plants.

Weed all flowerbeds.

Clean grease, oil spots, and rust spots from driveways as it applies.


Front Door

Paint door to remove nicks.

Polish hardware on door.

Clean any glass on door or storm doors.

Make sure doorbell works and the door does not squeak when it opens or closes.

Interior Cleaning and Repair Checklist


Clean all windows inside and out.

Paint window trims and sills if needed.

Make sure all windows open and close with ease.

Repair or replace any cracked windowpanes, even the ones with broken seals.

Repair or replace any window screens with holes or tears and make sure they all are secure.


Living Room/Family Room/Dining Room

Fresh coat of paint in these rooms as needed.

Repair any faults in walls and ceiling such as cracks and holes.

Paint or stain any woodwork that is worn or chipped.

Make sure to open draperies or blinds at time of showings for light.

Clean windows.

Clean carpets, rugs and wood flooring to remove stains and odors.

Stage furniture to showcase the room.

Remove any attached items you would like to move with you.

Remove any clutter in the room such as toys, books, magazines, nick-nacks and photos.

Less is best.



Repair any leaking faucets.

Organize pantry and cupboards so they appear neat and clean.

Clean freezer and refrigerator to make sure there are no odors.

Clean top of stove and oven.

Make sure countertops are stain-free; free up countertop to show maximum space.

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